6 Decorating Updates You Can Complete In One Day

While many people have spent their lockdown by renovating and refurbishing their home, some people may be quite content with how things are, and simply considering a bit of a refresh of the decor.

From creating zones in your home with colour to reupholstering a headboard, we have some quick and easy updates that will make a huge impact, and will only take a day, meaning you don’t have to live on a construction site for weeks while refurbs are completed.


  1. Attention to detail

A fresh coat of paint can transform how a room looks and feels, and you don’t even have to paint the entire room or even entire walls. Even just painting the humble skirting boards will make a significant detail that will look amazing with a hint of colour.


  1. Make it work

Using blocks of colour in your decor has become very popular. It is a means of introducing tonal shades that can help tie the room together, and also help create zones to help you make better use of the space. Ideal for multifunctional rooms where you might also have your work from home set up.


  1. Zoning with colour

If you’re looking to experiment with paint and colour blocks, here are some tips:

  • When choosing a secondary shade to colour block with, consider tones of the same colour, such as red with pink, for a cohesive look. For a more striking combination, go for complementary colours, which sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, such as yellow and blue.
  • Think about the atmosphere you want to create – use warm colours to zone off intimate nooks for relaxing or eating, while cool hues can be used to bring light and freshness to a desk space.
  • With bold colour on the wall, it's often better to keep flooring neutral – think wooden floorboards or natural carpet for a calming influence.
  • Bring other blocks of colour into the room with painted furniture and ceramics.


  1. Layer up

An upholstered headboard can be paired with matching cushions, or use plain fabric in tonal shades for the bedding or curtains to create a layered look. Your headboard can be easily recovered too.

Headboard and bed upholstered in Matt Blush Pink Velvet  


  1. Finishing touches

The keys to creating a cohesive scheme are to ensure there is flow and harmony between rooms. Mirroring colours in connecting spaces is an easy way to do this. A highly effective technique is painting the interior frames of door panels in a toning shade.


  1. Add some detail

McAlister Textiles Matt Yellow Ochre Velvet and Herringbone Boutique cushions and bolsters in Yellow & grey

You can create a dado rail effect with paint to add character and interest. Cushions and throws can add texture and detail, as well as helping to soften more modern styled rooms. Brightly coloured textiles can add a pop of colour to a largely monochromatic room to great effect.

Why not visit our online store and have a look at our burnt orange velvet curtains to add a burst of colour and make a grand statement in your home.

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