6 Tips For Picking the Perfect Curtains

If you’re refurbishing a room, then often old and dated curtains can be the first to go. But picking out new curtains can be difficult for the uninitiated.

However, there’s no need to feel completely lost when picking out new curtains. We have a brief guide as to what to look for to help you find the ideal curtains for your home.



The height of your curtains is likely the most important factor when choosing curtains. Curtains should extend well past your window and land just above the floor, or for a more traditional style, add an extra inch to rag along the floor.



When deciding on a colour, aim for something that compliments the existing colours in the room. It need not match perfectly, but select a hue that you can find elsewhere in your home redesign. Neutral colours are typically a good bet, but bolder colours can make a statement.



Think of curtains less as a practical, functional addition, and more as an accessory. Curtains are easy to swap out, meaning you can rotate them throughout the year. Winter may dictate a heavier gauge material, while a lighter gauge will suit the warmer summer months.



It can be difficult to find the right balance when it comes to patterned curtains. Too little pattern, and it could look drab, but too much can appear too busy and distracting. If you're nervous about using bold designs opt for a simple pattern in neutral colours.



The drape of a curtain refers to how much of the curtain drags along the floor. For a more contemporary or modern look, they should finish just above the floor. But with transitional or traditional design schemes, let out an inch or two of drape to gather on the floor.


If you’re looking for made to measure curtains, browse our range today.

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