Dressing the table for Easter

The Easter holiday is almost upon us, which means it’s time to host friends and family for a joyous celebration. The dining table will be the focal point of your Spring Celebrations and an opportunity to showcase your creativity. Here are some ideas and tips on dressing the table beautifully for Easter.  

easter table

Keep to a colour palette
Choose a colour scheme for the dining area, kitchen, and living area. While the Easter Table is the centrepiece, the surroundings can help to set the scene and keeping to a colour palette helps to keep your Easter décor coordinated.

Aim to team seasonal Easter colours with what you have in your home so there is harmony between your existing décor and any decorative pieces you introduce for Easter.

colour palette

Choose Easter themed table coverings or table runners
Your table setting will be the focus of your Easter celebrations, so choose a spring-themed tablecloth to bring your look together. Table runners in your chosen colour palette also add a decorative touch.

table runner

The centrepiece
Choose a centrepiece to add height and a focal point for your table design. All other elements of your table decor should complement this focal point. A centrepiece anchors the look and makes for a tasteful outcome.

daffodils on dining table


Floral flourishes
Incorporate seasonal flowers while dressing your Easter table. Use natural flowers for that authentic feel and wonderful fresh smell and choose colours that sit with your theme. Soft blues, pinks and lilacs or daffodil yellow are perfect for this time of year.

Kitchen and dining sets
For consistency in your table settings, select matching sets of napkins, placemats, tea towels, and bread baskets for an effortlessly stylish and harmonious look. Try some creative napkin folding to match the occasion.

matching dining set

Easter eggs
Of course you cannot forget this important Easter addition. Decorated Easter eggs make a fun addition to your Easter table and painting or decorating eggs to sit with your colour scheme is a fun way to enjoy some quality family time. You can use painted eggs as part of the centrepiece or distribute them across the table for a seasonal flourish.

painted eggs

An Easter brunch or dinner is a joyous celebration, and your colours and styling should reflect this. Enjoy in the process of dressing the table for the occasion and with our top tips, you will have an inspiring space to make wonderful memories.






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