Celebrate the start of Summer with McAlister Textiles Picnic Throws

Have a picnic to remember this Summer!

Now the warmer weather has  arrived, it's time to grab your McAlister Textiles' Picnic throw blanket and head into the countryside for a good old fashioned picnic!

Picnics are a great British tradition going back hundreds of years. It was, and still is today, a well loved social event where friends and family can get together and enjoy one another's company. Picnics help you relax and unwind with fresh air and sunlight making you feel more energised!

Whether your ideal picnic place is by a secluded river, a field, a beach or just simply in your back garden, McAlister Textiles have the perfect accessories for the occasion.

 Get the perfect picnic experience

 Picnic blankets are an absolute must! Not only are useful for sitting and eating on but after the picnic you can lie down and soak up the sunshine!

Bring the comfort of your home outdoors with a blanket that feels luxurious to sit on. The texture of the fabric will make your picnic perfect.

At McAlister Textiles we have a full range of throw picnic blankets in different sizes and styles with matching cushions!

Our picnic blanket throws are made from high quality fabrics and available in a number of on trend colours and styles. All our blankets are machine washable tested at 30 degrees and rpm 1200 with 0% shrinkage and no impairment to the quality of the fabric. 

And for those romantics out there...

Treat yourself to a second throw blanket to throw over your shoulders and keep you cosy when the sun starts to set. Our large picnic throw blankets are big enough to wrap around 2 people for snuggling up together. Great for outdoor cinema and theatre events or even a spot of star gazing!

Our Top 5 Picnic Locations

1.SCOTLAND: Rouken Glen Park Glasgow- described as the "perfect country park"

2.NORTH ENGLAND: Bolton Abbey in Skipton Yorkshire- described as "Tranquility and History"

3. NORTH WEST: Formby beach and woodland- described as "good sightings of red squirrels" and "brilliant beach and picnic areas"

4. WALES: Abersoch beach North Wales- described as  "One of our favourite beaches in the world.

5. SOUTH ENGLAND: Haldon Forest Park Exeter- described as a "nice picnic in the forest"




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