How Curtains Can Add Architectural Interest To Your Home

While curtains are an absolute necessity for any home in order to ensure privacy levels and keep the sun out, they also represent an amazing opportunity for you to come up with something a little different where your interior design ideas are concerned - and you could have an awful lot of fun bringing your home to life with just a bit of fabric here and there.

To see just what can be achieved with a little bit of ingenuity and avant-garde thinking, have a read of this interesting article on the ArchDaily website, discussing how curtains and material can be used to add architectural interest to a property.

Apparently, there’s a growing trend among interior designers and architects alike to use curtains as decorative items and room dividers, with the material serving to create layers between interior and exterior parts of the property and using light and shade to transform the environment they’re in.

The article showcases a variety of different ways in which curtains can be used to great effect, but one of the most prevalent seems to be for outdoor spots such as al fresco kitchens, patios and decking areas, which is perhaps something you could aim to recreate in your own home.

As is explained in the article, facade curtains can really add movement to architecture and give you all sorts of design possibilities to play around with, as well as having a huge impact on the interior feel of your home at the same time.

Fabrics and textures can all be used to stand out in the final design, but it is important to go for long-lasting and low-maintenance materials that are weather-resistant and fireproof if you’re using them outside or around cooking areas.

“Making architecture less stiff is quite challenging, but light materials, such as fabric, can add more motion and new possibilities to the facade. But lighter elements, such as fabric, can add more movement and possibilities to the facade,” it was further observed.

A previous ArchDaily piece went into further detail about how to use curtains as room dividers, which could also be of interest to discerning homeowners out there keen to redecorate in the near future.

Because of the fabric’s ability to ensure flexibility and fluidity, they’re actually perfect for dividing and separating the various spaces of a house, not only serving to hide clutter and zone rooms up based on use but also emerging as a stunning point of architectural interest in their own right.

This could work particularly well in smaller rooms where you want to create the illusion of space and really deliver a sense of elegance, opulence and luxury - all while preserving the functionality of your home.

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