How To Measure for Blinds

Measuring for Blinds - Inside or Outside the Recess?


Blinds can either be fitted inside or outside the window recess. When ordering, make sure you specify your fit by selecting the correct MOUNT LOCATION

Making the decision to fit in or outside the recess depends on how you wish your Blinds to look. It's also necessary to mount outside the recess if:

- The recess is measures less than 75mm (3") deep.

- The window opens inwards.

- The window's measurements are not exactly straight (width or height varies by more than 200mm or 3/4"). If you're unsure, you can use a spirit level or similar level tool along the tops and sides.

Measuring Blinds to Fit Inside the Recess

If you decide to fit your Blinds this way, here's a quick guide on how to measure for them:

- Measure the width and drop in 3 positions (see illustration), noting any protrusions such as rails or tiles.

- Make a note of the smallest width and drop measurements of the 3. These are your correct sizes.

As some fabrics give, your measurement needs to build in a tolerance of 10mm across the width of the window recess. Please make sure you measure allowing for the 10mm for this tolerance. Your blind maybe be up to 10mm wider then you ordered, Please make sure that there is enough gap in the recess to allow for this

Measuring Blinds to Fit Outside the Recess

- You will need to allow the Blind to extend approximately 50-100mm above, below and to the sides of the window.

- Measure height and width and add an extra 50-100mm to the result (depending on how large you want the overlap).


Extra Tips

When making your measurements, we suggest always using a metal tape measure as other types, such as cloth or plastic, may stretch.

Need more help? Please contact us and we can help you.

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  • Robert Wood

    Hi I am looking at a Roman blind for the kitchen the last 40 cm steps inwards where the tiles are fitted could the blind be made go slightly in at the bottom is you can how would i put the measurements to you Thanks Rob

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