Ideas for Decorating a Teenagers Bedroom

Oh to be 16 again – that special age where the future is laid out before you, where possibilities seem endless, and you begin that journey of true self discovery and independence.

Unfortunately, decorating a teenager’s room can be tricky due to this exact predicament – who knows what your teenager will do in the coming years? A teenager may be gearing up for the future but it by no means they are ready or prepared, and it is highly unlikely that either of you will know what the future holds.

When redecorating a teenager’s bedroom it is important to be realistic, and remain adaptable. They may be off to University for three years, but then might move home again for a long time to save up for a deposit on a flat, or to find a job. Or you could find that once they leave for University they’ll be gone for good (though they may conveniently remember to visit when they want some home cooking or laundry done).

Keep this in mind, and where possible try to decorate the room with the thought that it may need to transform quickly from a teen’s bedroom, to a spare room or even another type of room entirely – like a study or television room.

A great tip is to have has many storage options available as possible. Not only do teenagers accumulate a mind-boggling amount of stuff, but even when they move out they will most likely leave most of it behind, and it may take them a while to go through their belongings.

Before you begin redecorating it is always a good place to start by having a clear out. Take a weekend together to sort through their clothes and belongings and be ruthless in getting rid of childhood items. 

When it comes to choosing furniture options, invest in a larger bed. Your teenager will appreciate the space to lounge around in, and you will be on your way to making the room suitable for a guest room later on down the road. Also invest in furniture that is multi-purpose such as a bed or window seat with hidden storage. You seriously can’t ever have enough storage options!

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Make sure to include a suitable study space for all that last minute exam cramming sessions. This will give them no excuse to skive off studying, and you won’t find your kitchen or dining table constantly strewn with books and papers!

Most importantly, when planning to decorate a teenager’s room – try to make the room stylistically flexible. Listen to want your teenager wants, but also remember that as the bill payer of the house you have the authority to make the final design decisions. Teenagers will be at an age where they where their taste’s and desires are constantly changing. They may want a room with hot pink walls, but it’s always better to use neutral colours as a backdrop, and accessorise using adaptable furnishings and fabrics. Colourful, curtains and bedspreads are easier to change then the entire colour scheme of a room. 

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