Introducing our New Cushions for Spring

What better way to get a blast of spring than with one of our quirky and charming new spring cushions?

Inspired by this year’s botanical trends and Pantone’s 2017 colour of the year – vibrant green – we are thrilled to introduce our stunning new collection of woven tapestry cushions.

The fern collection is a set of three coordinated cushions each featuring a different variety of fern. Although these are totally stunning on their own, when mixed together as a group, they create a real showstopper. Each cushion is backed and piped in our classic high-quality Matt Velvet. This Emerald Green Velvet brings the whole cushion alive and finishes it with an understated elegance. Each design has been individually and lovingly drawn by our in-house designer and then transformed into a beautifully-textured tapestry weave. 

Our floral Bluebell and Thistle group are characterised by their blue hues of each design, which are highlighted by our classic Duck Egg Blue and Teal Velvets, which are used as the reverse and piping. These beautiful English countryside flower cushions really are designed to an outstandingly high-quality.

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