Invite the Outdoors In with Botanical Inspired Decor

Botanical Interiors have been gaining strength in the interior world for some while now, but 2019 has seen a real explosion of interest in all things leafy and green. The relationship between humans and nature and our instinctive need to want to connect with our natural environment is more prominent now than ever before. 

Perhaps it’s our increasingly hectic lives getting in the way of enjoying the outdoor lifestyle we crave or is it the want to live a more sustainable, green life? Whatever the reason, echoing what is happening outside our homes - inside is becoming more important to us. 


Why Embracing the Botanical Trend is Good for our Health and Wellbeing. 

The science behind why we should be using plants, foliage imagery and lush green hues to decorate our homes is simply to reap the same benefits we gain from being outdoors. It is a known fact that being outside lifts our spirits and makes us happier. Plants are known to reduce stress levels and improve air quality by absorbing pollutants, so why wouldn’t we want to include them in our homes? Similarly, if we look at the psychological effects of decorating with green; It is a colour that promotes relaxation, balance and harmony. It is also a colour that automatically makes us feel connected to nature and represents growth and prosperity. So 'going green' in our homes seems a natural choice.

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 So How Can We Recreate The Botanical Look In Our Homes?

The botanical trend is a very easy trend to adopt and extremely versatile. No matter your style preference, incorporating this trend into your décor can be as subtle as adding extra house plants to an interior space or as full-on as creating an indoor tropical paradise. If you are ready to embrace the beauty of the great outdoors in your home follow our top botanical tips:


1. Make a Statement: Go Bold & Botanical with your Window Treatments:

Botanical palm prints don't have to feel busy and intimidating, in the correct setting they will energise and freshen a space so don't be afraid to use them in statement curtains, blinds or wallpaper to create the focal point of your room.

Leafy prints in their natural green palettes are a great introduction into using bold patterns. We are surrounded with nature everyday so it feels natural to extend this imagery into our homes without it feeling too overwhelming. 


2. Get Creative with Soft Furnishings
Soft furnishings are the quickest and most cost-effective way of updating a room schemeSmaller accessories like cushions are perfect for capturing fashion trends, they allow you to be more adventurous and inject some personality. Be brave with your cushion styling, use colours that are brighter than what you would normally choose, and go bold with your patterns. If you normally shy away from strong pattern, then cushions are a great introduction to experiment with.  



3. Add a Touch of Velvet Luxury to your Nature Inspired Decor
Velvet has been another strong trend for 2019 particularly in upholstery. Velvet in deep, dramatic colours such as Moss Green, Emerald or Teal are perfect for the botanical trend. Great for injecting strong statement green hues into a room whilst adding a touch of luxury.
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4. Finishing Touches
Whether you've chosen to go big and bold with your botanical decor or more subtle, bringing the look together will be down to how you accessorise.
Investing in House plants is a must for this trend, the more the merrier! Also think about the look you want to achieve.
If you like dramatic luxury like the below lifestyle shot by @theinterioreditor think about pairing your botanical accessories with deep moody walls, gold accents and velvet.
Or if you want a more natural, relaxed, easy-living vibe to accompany your botanical decor, think about a light, neutral colour scheme with exposed brickwork, wood, and rattan accessories. 


5. Lastly - Dont Forget your Outside Space! 

The botanical trend is all about blurring the lines between inside and out. Treat your outside space as an extension of your home. Think about outdoor furniture and decorative scatter cushions, floor cushions, festoon / fairy lights and even a rug

The joy with selecting your garden accessories is that you can really inject some fun and personality that you may be a little more hesitant to try indoors. 

Photo Credit: @theinterioreditor featuring Sue Ryder String Garden furniture. McAlister Textiles Palm Leaf Printed Velvet Throw & Matching Palm Leaf Cushion, Bumblebee Woven Tapestry Cushion


Photo Credit: @theinterioreditor featuring Sue Ryder String Garden furniture. McAlister Textiles Palm Leaf Printed Velvet Throw & Matching Palm Leaf Cushion, Bumblebee Woven Tapestry Cushion  


Decorate your garden furniture with scatter cushions inspired by nature: Ferns, botanical style florals and beautiful bugs will all look at home in your outdoor oasis. All we need now is the weather!

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