Our Guide to the Great Indoors


Stay inspired whilst staying in!

Now more than ever our homes mean so much to us - they are our sanctuary as well as a place to learn, work and exercise. As we are spending more time in our homes, due to the coronavirus, creating a comfortable environment helps us retain a sense of calm and order when everything else feels so uncertain.

As we adapt our living spaces to become multifunctional, it is important to create zones for work, study and relaxation.

Copenhagen Collection Kitchen Textiles, Blinds and Accessories in Teal and Orange.

With many of us working remotely and with children at home, kitchen tables are being commandeered for home schooling, work computers and a multitude of creative activities. There's no doubt we will be spending more time multitasking in this room than ever! A bright an colourful environment can help keep everyone in a positive frame of mind. Set up an area with bean bags and cushions for reading or quiet time when breaks are needed. Being able to clear the clutter quickly for mealtimes is essential so use storage boxes to organise books and papers for everyone. Cover cardboard boxes with fabric to personalise as well as add a decorative touch.


Make time for Relaxation

Create a relaxing living space with the softly coloured Meadow Floral design - available as cushions, curtains and roman blinds.

It's essential that we find calming corners of our homes that provide sanctuary from home-working and the stresses of everyday life whilst allowing us to enjoy  time to ourselves. Surround yourself with your favourite colours and patterns in a area where you prefer to relax. Soothing tones of soft yellow and grey are especially calming and floral designs remind us of the beauty of nature.


Bring Nature Inside

Bugs Life and tapestry floral cushions, draught excluder and door stops

Introducing colours inspired by nature, making use of natural light and adding elements of greenery into your rooms are all effective ways of freshening your interior and making your home a calming sanctuary. Surround yourself with designs featuring imagery from the natural world. Bringing the outdoors in can help to boost your sense of wellbeing so our tapestry woven cushions, door stops and featuring florals, insects and fern leaves make the perfect home accessories.


The role of Colour

 Little Leaf cushions in Wedgewood Blue, Duck egg and Soft green - perfect for a bedroom


It's helpful to keep to your usual sleep routine - use colour to transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Soothing soft blues, greens and neutrals are ideal for a bedroom as they provide a calming effect. Your bedroom may also turn out be your new favourite place to meditate, do yoga, read or unwind after a day at home. Scheduling some 'me-time' during the evening can be hugely beneficial in helping you to relax which will in turn help you sleep better and plan for the days and weeks ahead.


 Enjoy some creative time

A selection of fabric by the metre available from McAlister Textiles

Spending a few hours doing something creative such as drawing, painting or sewing is a great way to pass the time and many are now enjoying the opportunity to enjoy these creative pursuits or even take up a new hobby. In addition to our made to order products, all McAlister Textiles designs can be purchased as fabric by the metre and we are here to help you fulfil your own textile projects, without even having to leave your house. Our furnishing fabric range includes material suitable for upholstery as well as a selection of fire retardant and black out contract fabric. Browse on line or contact us by phone or email and we can guide you through fabric choices as well as offering advice on measuring for curtains and blinds.

Our customer service team is available from 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday and swatches of all our fabrics are available on our website.

Enjoy the Great Indoors and stay safe, happy and healthy.

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