Pantone colour of the Year 2019 Living Coral

Every year Pantone launch their colour of the year based on a multitude of global influences and emerging trends. Pantone's chosen colour is then universally recognised and used across various design industries as the go to colour of the moment.

Living Coral PANTONE 16-1546 is colour of the year 2019 described by Pantone as 'An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge'

"Vibrant, yet Mellow living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment"



In our opinion it's a clever choice by Pantone for a number of reasons, not only through its sense of vitality as coral is a colour that radiates positivity and cheerful optimism, but with its connection to nature. Reminding us that the best colours come from our natural surroundings. Whilst also issuing a subtle reminder on the preservation and protection needed to sustain our beautiful coral reefs and marine ecosystems.

Coral is a strong, vibrant colour nestled between orange and pink that you may consider best reserved for Summer. Yes, coral captures the feel of warm sunsets and sunny climates, the brighter more vivid tones will absolutely look 'on trend' in the height of our Spring/Summer season, but coral is much more versatile than just a high fashion colour confined to seasonal styling. It is all about the tones that you choose and what you pair it with that can make coral such a warm, homely all year-round colour.

So the big question is... How do we bring this vibrant colour into our homes?

Well, Pantone have taken care of this for us by giving us a range of colour palettes to suggest ways of incorporating it into your interior scheme. We thought we would go one step further by selecting our favourite three palettes to show you just how easy it is coordinate coral with other colours in a liveable way with McAlister Textiles Accessories.

Pantone Palette 1: Focal Point

Focal Point, According to Pantone is about: 'Immediately drawing our attention like a beacon of light, PANTONE Living Coral warmly engages, vivifying the palette as it becomes the focal point in this understated and upscale, composed and cool colour grouping.'

For us Focal Point is about pairing coral with other nature inspired greens and earthy tones to help soften the coral into a very commercial, easy to live with setting but at the same time allowing it to shine. Coral has a variety of shades, if Living Coral feels a little too bright then go for more muted / deeper tones that sway towards terracotta. 

McAlister Textile Products Clockwise from Left to Right: Renior Burnt Orange 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Rust Matt Velvet Roman Blind, Emerald Green Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Burnt Orange Rocco Faux Silk 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Lime Green Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm,  Renior Burnt Orange 43cm x 43cm Cushion, 2 Colour Velvet Patchwork  Rust Red & Mocha Brown 50cm x 30cm Cushion, Charcoal Grey Matt Velvet Draught Excluder


Pantone Palette 2: Sympatico

According to Pantone, Sympatico's Palette is: 'Paying homage to skin tones around the world and the shades we use to enhance our complexions; Sympatico is comprised of a beautiful array of colours that humanize; fusing together a panoply of international skin tones with those soft and warm colours we layer on to create that healthy glow.'

Sympatico is another favourite palette of ours because it feels like an extension of the ever-popular blush pink that has been dominating interiors in recent years. It is an easy update for anyone invested in the blush colour palette, adding extra dimension and interest with the pop of Coral. Keeping this palette feeling warm and inviting. 

McAlister Textile Products Clockwise from Left to Right: Elva Geometric Blush Pink Curtains, Blush Pink Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Mink/Beige Matt Velvet 43cm x43cm Cushion, Patchwork Panama Blush Pink & Grey 43cm x 43cm Cushion , Blush Floral Velvet 43cm x43cm Cushion, Rust Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Burnt Orange Rhumba Semi Plain 43cm x 43cm Stitched Edge Cushion & Caramel Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion.


 Pantone Palette 3 - Under The Sea

According to Pantone, Under The Sea is: 'Awash in colour suggestive of the watery environment that lies beneath a tropical island paradise, Under The Sea places PANTONE Living Coral at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, evocative of how coral reefs embrace with their warmth and nourishment and provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of colourful sea life'

Perhaps the most striking way to use coral is to balance it with other strong nature inspired colours like aquamarine, blues and lush greens. Show it off like it would be seen beneath the sea.

McAlister Textile Products from Left to Right: Teal Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Rust Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Ochre Yellow Matt Velvet 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Duck Egg Colorado Geometric 43cm x 43cm Cushion, Magda Terracotta Printed 43cm x 43cm Printed Cushion, Elva Geometric Ochre Yellow Door Stop, Teal Matt Velvet Draught Excluder, Elva Geometric Burnt Orange Curtains, Copenhagen Kitchen & Dining Products in Lifestyle photograph


For us Coral Living is most definitely a winner. We love how this colour makes us feel and to be able to bring that energy into your homes, even in the smallest accents is sure to lift your spirit. We certainly couldn't think of a more energising colour to lead us into the spring.

Are you ready to embrace Living Coral?


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