McAlister Textiles Savannah Beige Grey Tablecloths Tablecloths 120*120 Tablecloth

Savannah Beige Grey Tablecloths

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€35,95 Normaler Preis
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These attractive and versatile Savannah Tablecloths are produced from a soft textural woven fabric and are machine washable for easy cleaning. Suitable for rustic, shabby chic, countryside and modern or minimalistic room schemes and available in 8 colours. Match this tablecloth with our Savannah Table runnerServietten, & Place mats to transform your dining areas.

- McAlister Textiles Tablecloths -

Our fabric tablecloths are available in 10 sizes including large tablecloths and they are also made to order to ensure the highest quality. They have been designed for everyday use as well as more formal occasions or for outdoor dining.
Design: McAlister Textiles Savannah

Composition: 100% polyester

Colours Available:  Duck Egg, Natural Cream, Natural Stone, Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey, Wine Red, Aubergine Purple, Sage Green

Care Instructions: Machine Washable at a Low temp & Slow RPM

Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm (47 x 47 inches), 120cm x 160cm (47 x 63 inches), 130cm x 220cm (51 x 87 inches), 138cmx 138cm (54 x 54 inches), 138cm x 180cm (54 x 71 inches), 138cm x 215cm (54 x 85 inches), 138cm x 240cm (54 x 94 inches),, 138cm x 300cm (54 x 118 inches), 230cm x 335cm (91 x 132 inches), 230cm x 395cm (91 x 156 inches)


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